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Maritime Education – Will Things Ever be the Same?

Unknown 1Starting Onboard Maritime in January this year as an online training provider we had no idea of the global shift about to take place. Back then, the m...


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We Are Hiring: Maritime Content Writers

Talent1We are hiring Maritime Content Writers.Onboard Maritime is an online education provider.  We provide maritime education to a wide range of learne...
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What MCA Oral Candidates Can Learn from Two Recent MAIB Reports

Bridge 2 BlogAt Onboard Maritime we align our study programmes and materials with the MCA syllabus, current industry events and good practice. The blog below expan...


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Why You Fail Your MCA Oral Exam When You Have The Knowledge!

Interview BlogThe Problem An excellent candidate. They’ve done everything right, studied hard, practised questions, committed time and effort to passing their orals...
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5 Top Take-Aways for MCA Oral Examination Prep

Are Your Ready BlogOnboard Maritime delivers online courses for candidates preparing for their MCA Oral examinations. With virtual classroom delivery and daily contact w...
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